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Meet Dr. Zainab

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Growing up I had this idea and perception that I was an angel gifted with superpowers. I was special from a very young age. I was different. I actually received my first insights when I was three years old. I was not fully aware of this power and didn't truly grasp that idea that I had unique abilities. I could see what others could not see. I could penetrate the spheres of the unknown. I could predict events happening before they materialized in the common reality; such an empowering but also haunting feeling at times that invited moments of discomfort for so many years. I somehow was partially hiding these powers because too afraid that I would be judged or left aside. It was just me, myself and I sometimes facing this prodigious potential.

My conscious journey of becoming who I am today started when I was 16. I was very aware of the power of my unconscious mind which significantly impacted my path to self-discovery. As a teenager I was always appreciated by so many and i was offering them a sense of comfort. This is precisely what they use to feel around me. I knew how to connect with their beautiful souls thanks to that voice inside guiding me. I could enter their world, see through their eyes their hidden treasures.  I knew how to interact and teach them ideas and allow them to celebrate their real essence. I was their voice, and my constant wish and inner motivation was to always see and bring the best in them. I was hoping they could exit their comfort zone for they realise their wildest dreams. But as much as my special gift was nurturing, it was equally destructive. I often hoped that someone would discover my secret and guide me through it, help me out in mastering this power that i had graciously received.

Years passed. I graduated and also got married to a beautiful man in Jordan. I then migrated to the United Arab Emirates, a country that welcomed me with so much warmth. I gave life to three amazing kids which I love so dearly and guide today to the best of my abilities. Some challenging times filled with extreme anxiety & distress gradually started emerging in my existence after few years. I was compelled to follow heavy prescriptions and partially withdrew from the world. I also made the choice to completely shut down my inner voice and my superpowers that made me so unique, authentic & exclusive until then. My deep dive into absolute darkness was taking over my world and leading the way.

Despite my periods of inner crisis I was acting as a teacher supporting children with their learning difficulties.  I always very much enjoyed interacting and educating young minds to allow them to reach their highest potential. I started exploring unique ways of sharing insights & experiences using multiple creatives processes. I was constantly remembering how I wished I had had the adequate resources when I was myself struggling with my own questioning.


As I was pursuing with great passion this mission for several years, a new drama hit me in the face. My husband passed away and that is truly when my life suddenly took a 360 turn. Everything was shuffled. So much sadness, confusion, and a feeling of not belonging were so predominant. “You left me with three kids. What am I going to do”, was I telling myself constantly. I was lost and in total despair. I started falling extremely sick, my body giving me all the signals that change was coming, change was inevitable. Cancer took me under his arms to show me the way. I learnt selfcare. I learnt Me. I learnt to go deeper and listen to my inner voice again, that powerful melody that was continuously whispering to my ears  and despite the multiple upheavals that were happening simultaneously, I had that strong presentiment that life was just about to commence for me.

As I was self recovering from Cancer following my own rituals, I decided to seriously continue the journey of self-discovery and personal development. Strength and courage: this is what I was made of surely. I embarked into a journey of tremendous & life changing learnings. I certified as an Hypnotist, a Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Relationship & Life coach. I graduated as a Laughter Yoga instructor. I became an Energy Healer and I even certified as an Eatology, Freedom Emotional Trainer as well as acquired a PHD in Mental Health. So much knoweldge and experience that were building up to give me all that I required to continue changing lives.

I had indeed consciously made the decision to take my life back and gather all the necessary resources that would allow me to fulfill what was my life mission. I had consciously taken the decision to celebrate my powers and transcend them into my day to day life. Since then my vocation has been  to accompany so many individuals on their life journeys so they could connect their real blueprint and accomplish their own purpose. I have helped children and adults invite self-esteem and confidence into their lives. I supported people to overcome their most disempowering addictions. I have assisted many to fight depression, release their phobias & traumas as well as recover from major conditions thanks to effective holistic approaches.

Today as a Happiness, Health, Spiritual Coach & Relationship Counselor I am more than ever guiding those who are looking for change, those who need clarity, those who with special gifts who are yet to understand their inner force. I am today offering my support for those who are seeking for enlightenment, for those who are acceptant of their challenges and ready to connect to the unknown, surrender and free their souls.

Today I am your Soul Coach, I am like water, I flow with life, I let existence be and show me the way to my, your, our liberation.

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