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Let’s Free Your Soul

One on One Sessions

We are offering:

Personal Coaching (1 to 3h sessions)

Personal Breakthrough Experience (Minimum of 16h)

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We are offering a series of personal or group sessions, online or live aiming at freeing your soul & supporting you personal development.
(Customised workshops are available on demand)

Group Lecture

Group Life Coaching 

Embark on a Personal Breakthrough Experience for your self transformation.

Duration: 2 Days (16 hours)

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Connect to Your Soul & Learn Telephathy

Learn how to connect & talk to your soul/heart/nafs and benefit from your inner guidance to attract more coherent results in your life.


Duration: Level 1 -> 8 lectures of 3h each (total 24hours)

              Level 2 -> 8 lectures of 3h each (total 24 hours)

Image by Fa Barboza

Magic of the Heart

Discover your self, release your traumas, see unleash the new you using Bio programming techniques.

Duration: 3 Weeks (8 hours)​

Rock Balancing

Balance Your Energy

Learn to discover & balance your masculine and feminine energies to use your full potential at all times.

Duration: 1 Day (3 hours)​


Book of Happiness

Learn  to write your personal book of happiness for absolute fulfilment.

Duration: 1 Day (2 hours)​


Law of Attraction

Learn to integrate & use the law of attraction into your life to see unfolding your wildest dreams.

Duration: 1 Day (4 hours)​

Image by James Sutton

No Bullying program

This program shall offer strong guidance to parents, teachers & children to understand the dynamics of the victimisation process as well as offer strong support for positive change.

Duration: 3 Days (12 hours)​

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Parenting 2.0

Upgrade your patenting skills & act resourceful to sustain, maintain as well as grow healthy relationships with your children.

Duration: 3 Days (9 hours)​

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