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Free Your Soul
with Dr. Zainab Qasem

My Story

Meet Dr. Zainab
Soul, Health & Happiness Coach
Mental Health PHD

Growing up I had this idea and perception that I was an angel gifted with superpowers. I was special from a very young age. I was different. I actually received my first insights when I was three years old. I was not fully aware of this power and didn't truly grasp that idea that I had unique abilities.


I could see what others could not see. I could penetrate the spheres of the unknown. I could predict events happening before they materialized in the common reality; such an empowering but also haunting feeling at times that invited moments of discomfort for so many years. I somehow was partially hiding these powers because too afraid that I would be judged or left aside. It was just me, myself and I sometimes facing this prodigious potential...

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What I Specialize In

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The Journey Towards Healing & Happiness Begins with Your Self. Start Your Journey Today.

I was amazed of how I changed and how all my family changed in the process. I couldn’t laugh before, I always wondered how Zainab could laugh and always be positive, I was telling myself she is not living in the same world we live in, I cannot believe her. After I took sessions with her and I attended her workshops I understood her, I now know how to be happy , I’m happy now all the time, I can find solutions now. My relationship with my husband and children changed, they don’t believe the new me. My life changed, it became easier and so beautiful. This is the first time I see how beautiful life is.  Now I’m helping other ladies to be happy too instead of cursing life like i used to.


I’m stronger now and I know the power of me and that I can achieve everything in life. 

- Azza, Dubai (UAE)

My coaching sessions with Zainab empowered me emotionally and spiritually, I was able to finally reach my highest potential in every aspect and area in my life and most importantly empowered me a mother and my connection with my children and that is my highest priority.


Thank you Zainab for opening my eyes to new potentials and for tapping into new opportunities, so grateful to have met you and for guiding me on my beautiful path of self-discovery.

- Hala, Dubai (UAE)

My initial concern that Zainab was not British and therefore would not be able to help me was quickly set aside. Zainab's professionalism, knowledge, skill set and personality quickly identified the challenges that were effecting my confidence, self-esteem and working life. Zainab used several techniques to help me find myself. I say without hesitation that I am a much stronger and wiser person thanks to Zainab. 


If you are reading this please remember that whatever you are going through, you are never alone. Call Zainab and you will be talking the first step to your recovery. 

"I met Zeinab couple of years back and from the moment I saw her I knew she was a phenomenal human being. Her ability to heal, spread God’s love and connection around everyone she meets is a gift and blessing. Zeinab is on continuous quest to learn and discover this World around us and everything it in. She is someone who turns every challenge into a learning opportunity’. She has learnt and still all tools of healing, connection, awareness whether on a spiritual, emotional or physical level. The last course I took with her in relation to Spiritual Connection was a life changing course for me,. She is gifted with the ability to touch everyone around her and lead by example. She is not my coach, my friend or even a sister for me. She is a lifetime and beyond soul sister. “

- Rana, Amman (Jordan)


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